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Blood Pressure Review

You will be invited for a blood pressure check, twice per year. During your annual review we will also carry out your annual blood tests.

If you are due for your blood pressure check/review, and have your own blood pressure machine at home, please complete our Home Blood Pressure Monitoring (HBPM) form and return to the practice by email. If you are due for your annual review, you will still need to book an appointment for your annual blood tests.


You will need to take a blood pressure reading, morning and evening, for 5 days, and return the readings to the practice at [email protected]


How to take your blood pressure

  1. Take your blood pressure in the morning and in the evening
  2. Make sure you are sitting comfortably
  3. Take the blood pressure 3 times each sitting, leave 1 minute between each time
  4. Enter the lowest blood pressure you take into the HBPM
  5. Systolic (sys) is the first number (the highest one) and diastolic (dia) is the second number


Home Blood Pressure Monitoring forms

Click here to download our Home Blood Pressure Monitoring form (Word Document)

Click here to download our Home Blood Pressure Monitoring form (PDF Document)


If you are unable to load our forms above, please make a note of your readings in a simple table, and send to the practice. You can type these into a message, or take a clear photo of your readings and email to [email protected]

Once we have received your readings, your readings will be reviewed by the Doctor. You will be informed if a follow-up Consultation review is required.

If you do not have a Blood Pressure machine, your review will take place as normal at the Practice. Please contact us to make an appointment with our Nursing Team.

Date published: 22nd December, 2021
Date last updated: 16th January, 2023