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Patient Information

Here you can find out how to register at our practice and read other important information for patients.

You can find out more by clicking on the links.

Access to medical records

The practice is registered and complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be ... [continue] Access to medical records

Accessible Information Standard

We want to get better at communicating with our patients. We want to make sure you can read and understand the information we send you. If you find it hard ... [continue] Accessible Information Standard

Advice for Pregnancy, Common Childhood Illnesses; Chickenpox, Fever / High Temp, Step A and Scarlet Fever. 

The Healthier Together website provides advice and guidance regarding pregnancy, common childhood illnesses such as; Chickenpox, Fever / High Temp, Step A and Scarlet Fever. Please click here to visit the ... [continue] Advice for Pregnancy, Common Childhood Illnesses; Chickenpox, Fever / High Temp, Step A and Scarlet Fever. 


All medical consultations, examinations and investigations are potentially distressing. Patients can find examinations, investigations or photography involving the breasts, genitalia or rectum particularly intrusive (these examinations are collectively referred to ... [continue] Chaperones

Cholesterol levels

Your total cholesterol should normally be <5.0, and your ‘bad’ (known as ‘non-HDL’ or ‘LDL’) cholesterol should normally be <4.0. We know that high cholesterol is associated with an increased ... [continue] Cholesterol levels

Complaints and Compliments

We take complaints very seriously. If you would like to make a complaint regarding the surgery or the services we offer, please contact the Practice Manager by telephone or, if ... [continue] Complaints and Compliments

Contact us

You can contact us online by for the following queries by clicking here. Non-urgent clinical advice Fit (sick) note request Referral queries Insurance / medical report queries Prescription request (which are ... [continue] Contact us

COVID-19 Information

We will update this page as soon as we have information about how you will receive your vaccine. Please be reassured you will be contacted when it is your turn ... [continue] COVID-19 Information

Encrypted Emails received from the Practice

How to open your message If you receive an encrypted email from the practice please use the documents below to learn how to open them. Encrypted Email – How to ... [continue] Encrypted Emails received from the Practice

Equality & Diversity Policy

Marple Cottage Surgery believes fairness, equity and above all values diversity in all dealings, both as provider of health services and employers of the people. Our Equality and Diversity policy commits ... [continue] Equality & Diversity Policy

How to register

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area using the map below. You can register by either: completing ... [continue] How to register

In Times of Bereavement

In the unfortunate event that a person has passed away, there are three things that must be done in the first few days; Get a medical certificate from your GP ... [continue] In Times of Bereavement

Named GP

Named GP for all patients From 1 April 2015, general practices are required to allocate a named, accountable GP to all patients and to inform them of this named GP ... [continue] Named GP

Need Urgent Dental Care?

If you need help with an urgent dental problem, you should first contact your regular dentist. If you need help finding an NHS dentist, please visit If you do ... [continue] Need Urgent Dental Care?

Opening Times

  Day Marple Guywood Monday 8:00am – 8:00pm 8:15am – 7:30pm Tuesday 8:00am – 12:30pm* 1:30pm – 6:30pm 8:15am – 12:30pm* 1:30pm – 6:30pm Wednesday 8:00am – 6:30pm 8:30am – ... [continue] Opening Times

Patient confidentiality

Confidentiality – Protecting Your Medical Record and Privacy Marple Cottage Surgery is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of personal information by ensuring it follows its legal obligations for data protection, ... [continue] Patient confidentiality

Patient Newsletters

Please find our latest Patient Newsletters below providing some updates and information about the Practice, patient feedback, service improvements. Click on the below link to view. MCS GWD Newsletter February ... [continue] Patient Newsletters

Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your ... [continue] Patient rights and responsibilities

Practice boundary

Please use the map below to see if you live within our practice boundary.


Repeat prescription / how to request Opiate (painkiller) policy Fear of Flying policy


Privacy notice As data controllers, GPs have fair processing responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and GDPR law 2018. This means ensuring that your personal confidential data (PCD) is handled ... [continue] Privacy

This Van Can…

ThisVanCan is Greater Manchester NHS mobile health clinic in a van which is raising awareness of prostate cancer. The service is for men, or people with a prostate, who fit ... [continue] This Van Can…

Updating your details

If you change name, address or telephone number, please let our receptionists know by calling or writing to us. Alternatively you can complete the online form below. If you move ... [continue] Updating your details

Using this website

The medical information on this website, and on any sites linked to from this website, gives general advice only and SHOULD NOT be used as a substitute for the personal ... [continue] Using this website

Zero Tolerance Policy

The practice operates a zero tolerance policy with regard to aggressive, violent, intimidating, abusive behaviour to staff and fellow patients*. This includes swearing and shouting. In such circumstances staff are ... [continue] Zero Tolerance Policy

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 15th November, 2014