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We offer you the choice of referral under the NHS and referral to a Trainee Counsellor at the practice.

What is a Trainee Counsellor?

All trainee counsellors are part-qualified counsellors, currently working towards their Diploma in Counselling, and members of the BACP.

The counsellor sessions are run by students who are currently undergoing a counsellor qualification at Stockport College.

As part of their training they need to gain practical experience of counselling patients, as they would if they were fully qualified, before they can work in the private sector.

Although not employed by the practice they are bound by the same confidentiality rules as all the staff at the practice, and all sessions are kept completely confidential.

How am I referred to a counsellor?

If you are deemed to require a referral to a counsellor a clinician will give you a choice of referral to the NHS counsellors or to one of the trainee counsellors at the practice. If you choose to see a Trainee Counsellor you will be added to a short waiting list at the surgery and someone from the Reception team will be in contact as soon as a free appointment becomes available.