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Video consultation

The practice offers Video Consultations with the Doctor and our Asthma Nurse.

This service is accessible via Computer, Tablet and Smartphone.

Download Whereby App for Video Consultations

On or around the time of your appointment, you will be sent an SMS text message to your Mobile Phone. This will contain a web link, which you will need to select and open, to join the video consultation.

Downloading the Whereby App will make it easier to connect, and will not require you to configure your phone, each time you have a consultation. Do not worry if you are unable to download this app, as you can follow the steps below in Joining your Video Consultation.

Before you appointment, you may wish to download Whereby App

If you have an Apple device please click here to go to the App Store

If you have an Android device please click here to go to Google Play

Please Note: you only need to download the app on your device, you are NOT required to sign up for an account.

Joining your Video Consultation

Select the Web Link in your SMS Text Message
Select Request Permissions
Select Allow access to Camera & Microphone
Select Join Meeting

If you are having issues allowing your Camera or Microphone, please click here.

Please click here to download a helpful Patient Guide to Video Consultations