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Reducing your cholesterol

The British Heart Foundation have produced a booklet for people with a high blood cholesterol level, and for their family and friends.

It explains:

  • what cholesterol and blood lipids are
  • how blood cholesterol is measured
  • the role of cholesterol in coronary heart disease
  • what causes high blood cholesterol
  • how physical activity and healthy eating can help
  • the medicines that are used to treat high blood cholesterol levels and how they can help, and
  • why it’s especially important that people with high cholesterol levels also control their blood pressure and don’t smoke.

It also gives some information about the condition familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH). This booklet does not replace the advice that your doctors, nurses or dietitians may give you, but it should help you to understand what they tell you.

Please click here to download the booklet