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Stockport Health Care Record

Stockport Health Care Record was a local solution to sharing records between health professionals in Stockport (eg Out of hours services and A&E) before the creation of the Summary Care Record.

Stockport Health Record goals were to:

  •   give the people taking care of you access to the right information at the right time
  •   help NHS staff make better informed decisions about your treatment
  •   only be seen by the doctor caring for you, and with your permission.

In 2014 the Stockport Health Record is being relaunched as the Stockport Health Care Record, aiming to ensure all health and social care professionals involved in a patients’ care have timely access to the right information (the SHCR is different to the SCR as it is only for residents in Stockport)

Your integrated health record includes information like test results, medications, allergies and social care or mental health information relevant to your medical care, and will only be accessed by health and social care professionals involved in your care. They will only have access to information relevant to their input in your care if you have given your consent. Information can only be accessed within a secure NHS network.

Your information will only be viewed at the point of care with your consent, therefore you are in control.

You will be asked for your consent each and every time your care professional wants to access your integrated health record. You can say “Yes” or “No”. You can also contact a member of staff if you change your mind at any point.

You have a choice

If you do not want other health or social care professionals in Stockport to access your records you can ‘opt out’ (ie you data will NOT be shared with other parts of the NHS) by completing the form below.

Download the opt out form here.