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Practice Awards

NHS Leadership in Health Accolade Scheme 2007

Marple Cottage Surgery was judged overall winner in this Accolade Scheme, which is to reward and recognise innovation in the use of health informatics.  The announcement was made at the NHS Connecting for Health national conference in Leeds in May.  This year’s topic was “How we made IT happen by meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles”.  The award was given for our work on the online asthma consultations, which we have recently launched.

We are further developing work in this area with the intention of having similar online consultation services for other areas of care soon.  For further information see our website pages on online services and asthma.

NHS leadership wards

2005/06 nGMS & PMS QoF Awards of Excellence

In 2006 Marple Cottage Surgery won the Service Innovation for Medicines management Award, which was presented by the Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt to Dr Andrew Johnson on 23rd November 2006, at the NHS Alliance 2006 conference in Bournemouth.

This award was recognition for the hard work at the practice developing and improving the quality of care and services to our patients, as detailed below:

1. We provided more service in practice rather than referring to hospital eg

  • Spirometry/reversibility testing for COPD
  • Acupuncture service for muscloskeletal problems (pilot)
  • Diabetic insulin conversion
  • Diabetic podiatry screening
  • Minor surgery procedures

2. We developed an in-house ‘best-practice’ referral system, whereby clinicians would refer patients to each other rather than secondary care (where another clinician has a particular skill or specialism), to avoid unnecessary referrals to hospital.

3. We increased the level of sophistication of our Disease Register management case finding and recall processes for disease areas such as CHD/CVD, diabetes, hypertension, COPD and asthma to help reduce exacerbations, acute episodes or worsening symptoms (which may otherwise involve referral for specialist opinion or hospital admissions).

4. We continued to develop our online services for patients who simply find it easier to liaise with the practice after-hours e.g.:

  • Email your doctor
  • Online Appointment Booking System
  • Online Repeat Prescription Ordering System
  • Online Medical Record System
  • Web-Based Self management plans

PMS QoF Awards

Date published: 17th January, 2022
Date last updated: 17th January, 2022